Sol España ofrece a sus miembros la posibilidad de participar en el curso on line Leaning in to conflict que se impartirá, en inglés, en cuatro sesiones de 18:00 a 20:00 los días 17, 24 y 31 de octubre y 14 de noviembre por Nisa Nisar, Jay Rothman y Rowan Simonsen. Un extracto de lo que se persigue con el curso:

How do we build capacity to be with conflict in creative and generative ways, with kindness and courage at the center?

How can we be and work with the intensity and creative potential of complexity, confusion, and difference?

What are we learning about working in the liminal space between conflict and collaboration?

We invite you to join this exploration and deepening practice of creative conflict engagement that can help us collaborate better, improve your relationships and ultimately make peace with conflict.

In this course we explore:

  • What conflict is: looking at it through a personal, interpersonal and systems lens.
  • How to slow down our automatic fight/flight responses and engage conflict more mindfully and creatively.
  • We look at changing our attitudes toward conflict, exploring the necessary role that it can play in our lives and relationships.
  • We explore cultivating embodied practices that allow us to be more creative and courageous when faced with difference and disagreement.


Considerando el interés que puede tener este curso para sus asociados SoL España lo subvenciona para sus miembros y ha conseguido un precio muy atractivo para los Amigos de SoL España.

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